Nikola Nikolov




15 minutes


Mike is a video blogger who makes his money from immoral prank videos. After swindling his neighbour into giving him his computer printer, strange things begin to happen around him......


Director Statement

With the intrusion of the Internet into life, more and more short video formats have become popular on the Internet, so there is a trend of "prank" videos all over the world. My inspiration comes from thinking about those who are tricking and those who are tricked. For the tricksters, we will explore whether they have the same life as ordinary people in reality and whether they really have the ability to control the tricky behaviours they perform. For those who are being tricked, we will explore their attitudes towards the tricky behaviours imposed on them and whether it will cause them losses. From this, we have the embryonic form of this movie—the accident and its follow-up that were out of the control of the trickster for some reason. We hope to use this exaggerated short film to uncover the story behind the overgrowth of tricky short videos on the Internet and allow viewers to reflect on the stakes that tricky videos bring to uninformed people, and encourage everyone to treat short videos correctly. And "do not do to others what you don't want."